Wildernes & Knysna

March 27, 2010 - 6:20 pm Comments Off on Wildernes & Knysna

Sunset in Wildernes, SA

Wildernes is a nice small town along the garden route.  We stayed at a small B&B that was owned by a retired Swiss couple.  They were very friendly and we decided to stay another night.  We were warned about how long it takes to be fed at restaurants in South Africa.  Our longest was in Wildernes at just over two hours from the time of arrival until we finally received the bill.  To make things worse, the food wasn’t good either.  We went were all the locals were going.  Guess I ordered the wrong thing.  I have noticed the local food is pretty bland and has a lot of English and Dutch influence (I know, that is were the people came from).

The Heads

The next day we decided to go see ‘The Heads’.  It is a small canal of the ocean that feeds a large bay.  It was picturesque with waves crashing at the base of the cliffs.  We then went to town for more bottled water.  We found a Shop Right grocery store.  It was packed with people from the local township.  We waited in line to pay for at least a 1/2 hour.  We got back to the car and was reminded of a warning Erika’s parents gave us.  Don’t leave anything visible in the car.  We kept all the valuables in the trunk (or boot) and in the glove box.  Someone broke the side passenger window and took our jackets.  I am sure they are not worth the window they broke.  We spent the next few hours finding the local Avis and swapping out our car.  We heard stories, but didn’t think to hide our jackets.

Car Window

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