Knysna Branch and Jeffery Bay

March 28, 2010 - 6:29 pm Comments Off on Knysna Branch and Jeffery Bay

We attended church today in Knysna (pronounced Nizna).  It is a small tourist town on the garden route in the West Cape.  The branch had about 36 people and they were all glad to see us.  About half were English transplants / retirees.  The rest were local from a nearby township.  This combination made for very interesting dynamics.  It was interesting to go to church that was controlled completely by the English.

South African Rest Stop

We had to include the photo on the right.  This is a typical South African rest stop.

We stayed the night in Jeffery Bay.  We found a great place on the beach.  It was one of our less expensive and nicest places.  Two sliding glass doors with an all-beach view.  The moon was almost full and the light was reflecting off the Indian Ocean.  You could see the a row of cargo ships on the horizon.  I counted at least 12 at one point.  I had fun playing with Erika’s camera — taking night shots.

Moon at Jeffery Bay

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