Trip Home & Random Thoughts

I have finally finished posting a very brief outline of our trip to South Africa.  I can’t believe it has taken me so long.

We departed Port Elizabeth, South Africa around noon on the 29th of March and arrived home around noon April 1st.  When you add the time difference, we figured that we spent about 32 hours getting home.  It was worth it.  We had a great time and an amazing experience.

Just before midnight on the 29th, Erika wakes me up to say happy birthday!  She just realized that it was still my birthday while filling out the custom’s forms and realized she had forgot to mention it earlier.  It was funny.

Random thoughts and photos from our trip….

Strange Plumbing

Most of the pluming is on the outside of the house.   Water coming in and water going out.

Giraffes Walk Funny

Armored Truck

Take a look at this armored truck and the commando guard that was patrolling the parking lot.

One of the best food stores in South Africa is Woolworth’s.  This was hard to get used to and didn’t match my memories of the Woolworth’s I remember.  We would compare it to Trader Joe’s.

Roaming Guard

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  1. Sister "Mom" Knudsen says:

    Hey, We love the picture of the back of our Newcastle Home. We soooo miss that place and Woolworth’s.