Our First Trip to the Zoo

Dempsey and I went to the zoo for the first time together.  Dempsey was so excited to get to ride the train.  She was all smiles, that is until I pulled out the camera….

Dempsey loved seeing the animals and learning their names and what sounds they made.  The polar bear was especially interesting as he kept swimming up to the glass to get attention.  At first she was a little nervous but soon was laughing at the bear.

Another highlight was the playground.  She LOVED the big slide.  She did not care that she was competing with 8 to 10 year-old kids to go down.  She would just push her way through them to get to the front of the line and giggle if she ran into them stopped in the slide.

She had so much fun at the zoo that I completely wore her out.  Within a few minutes of getting in the car she was sound asleep (she had barely even touched the sucker in her hand).

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